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The Choicest of Choices

I always think about why I am here. I was always told that there is a purpose for everything; and this has become a question that continues to plague my subconscious, and that momentary decision can become a really long time. Making choices gets more difficult as my life progresses; I look for the perfect choice in each situation. My choices were mine to make but the resulting consequences are often out of my control.

After 24 years of making choices, I find it funny how often I regret the choices I have made because I argue over if it is the choice which would have given me maximum satisfaction.  For each choice I make, I will cherish it but also complain about it. 

My mind will not cease exploring possibilities, triggering a limitless collection of desires. That means there is no limit to desires, and these desires often lead me to actions which results in more options and again I must make a choice. Desires will never end, this is the beauty of life and our human mind, must always desire. “………………………………, when one is bored and needs to desire, all that’s left to wish for, is the desire to desire” (Laiet , 2010).

I spoil myself, by trying to make up for the choices I have made by making more choices and regretting even more as I always think about what and how it would have been if I made that other choice.  Running after destiny, and attempting to find out what I was born for, what is my purpose of being here, these are the questions which most of the gen Y-ers like me think about. Life would be too unfair and waste, if by the end, we find that the purpose of our lives is only to find the purpose of our life.

When something unexpected happens with good results, and people get what they always wanted or get something that they never expected to, people tend to give the credit to an over-rated phenomenon called “luck”. But luck is a result of the choices we have made. The universe in my mind sees that when all things fall into the exact right place, I am the luckiest person sometimes, but sometimes the consequences are more messed up than the exhaust of a black hole.

I have no idea what is going to happen in the next particular second, so how can I think that if the choice I make is going to be right or wrong, good or bad? I am often my own worst enemy or sometimes my own best friend and it doesn’t always depend on the choices I have made, I find that it depends on how I live with the choices I have made. Regret often comes with happiness, it cannot be avoided. It’s a choice package deal you know. I have already paid for it, by making the bloody choice.

Choices will always confuse me because there is no right one. I have to make my move, live with it and deal with it. I am on my choice date with destiny and I have discovered that I am my own worst enemy.

Sense or Sensibility?

Many times I’ve been asked the question, “Is a belief in God and religion” reasonable? I thought about it and my answer is, obviously not. Religion has no logic, makes no sense and is the equivalent of putting 2 and 2 together and asking for a 5. But the caveat is that is that it isn’t supposed to make sense.

But then again, trying to apply reason to everything takes the magic out of life. I would like to believe that love exists for the sake of love, rather than neuro-chemical interactions that coerce us to bond. I would like to believe that when a mother bonds with their child, that there is indeed an unseen connection, rather than just hormonal action. I would like to believe that loyalty between people isn’t just out of fear, but out of an unreasonable belief in doing the right thing. I would like to believe that we serve and sacrifice out of selflessness and a sense of duty, rather than peer pressure and groupthink. I want to believe that when I laugh, it is because I’m happy, rather than having physical and mental criterial fulfilled to generate such laughter.

The world isn’t meant to be reasonable all the time, that’s what makes it special. It is essentially our belief in intangible concepts that make this life worth living. We put so much faith into things around us. There’s nothing reasonable about us humans, and I like it that way for the most.

Love this!

Twisted Gray


There are many things about work that can drive you a little crazy, and there are some ‘unique’ people, to say the least. By ‘unique’, I mean people you are certain have Aspergers and wonder how they even get to work. Or those who are so unintelligent you’re convinced that is really what they are being paid for… As if it were some rare skill. For me, there are also a few notable things that make work extra intolerable.

Here are my top five…in no particular order.

Sharing A Fridge

The random lunch containers. Legitimate lunch boxes, plastic bags, Tupperware, frozen food boxes. Old, moldy, food. Bottles of condiments with names written on them as if mayo were gold. I don’t want to share a fridge with a significant other, let alone 60 strangers with questionable hygiene and taste in food. And for me it’s an accomplishment if I can…

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